Everything for businessman in Freeland

Freeland's concept

  • 1. Freeland - platform, service company;
  • 2. Freeland Citizens are clients, loyal to Freeland's brand;
  • 3. In Freeland services provided by private suppliers;
  • 4. MFCoin - a universal tool for the exchange of values within and import - export operations Freeland ;
  • 5. Freeland citizenship gives the right to create and use financial instruments and products with fundamentally new characteristics in the most comfortable and legitimate jurisdiction, the use of all information benefits of Freeland including tools for working with smart contracts;
  • 6. Freeland citizenship gives the right to participate in the mastering of a new market niche on the territory of a new state entity, without resorting to corruption and other schemes that are contrary to ethics and common sense;

Where MFCoin is traded

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Useful resources

Roadmap of the project

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