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For the first time here? What are you interested in?

l'm a newbie
Do you hear about Freeland for the first time? Here, basic information and links to resources
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I'm a miner
Learn how to mine MFCoin, what are the pools, find out where you can calculate profitability
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I'm a developer
Learn how developer can earn MFCoin , what are the API, informers, services and repositories
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I'm a businessman
Learn how to integrate MFCoin into your business and get info about existing trading platforms
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I'm a trader
Find out what informers exist, on which exchanges MFCoin is traded, what tools can be used for calculations
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I'm activist
Learn everything about the Freeland community, join project groups in social networks, Telegram chat rooms, forum and participate in votings
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I'm a designer
We have prepared materials and resources that may be useful for you
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I am a collector
Interested in Freeland, MFCoin and Mr Freeman artifacts? We have collected the most interesting offers for you..
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I am a gamer
We have game developers in our community, look at their games and suitable platforms..
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I'm an anonym
Appreciate anonymity? Want to know what Freeland has to offer?
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I'm creative
Engaged in creativity? Want to show or sell your work? Freeland will help you
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About the site

This site was created to structure and group information about Freeland & MFCoin, so that everyone can find what interests him.

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